The company Event Liga was established on the basis of the event agency Format Elite that started its activity in 1997 (13 years on the market). The main directions of Format Elite work were: corporate and private events, video and film production, artists management.

In April 2010 there was established a new venture Non-commercial partnership “ Business Union of eventors “Event Liga” specifically for the new project. In Russian Federation there are two types of business activity licensing:

Governmental license

Professional Union license (Self Regulatory Companies SRC). The Law was ratified in 2007 for the following activities: constructors, PR, and appraisers. The company cannot carry out their activity without being a member of such professional union. The union accepts the members after analyzing their work and professional skills that confirm their status. Within a year event business will be inside the list of activities obligatory to enter SRC. Event Liga takes part in the law preparatory process. That is why we registered a new venture the form of which is ready to become SRC as soon as the law is ratified.  

Russian Federation and CIS is a virgin market for event certification. There are almost 10 000 eventors in Moscow, and thousands of eventors in Russian Federation and CIS like Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine etc.

Our Business Union has strong connections with the Russian DUMA. We take part in the preparation of the amendment to the non commercial organizations. In 2007 a new law was ratified concerning the activities that must enter such unions to have the resolution to conduct their activity. These organizations are the professional unions that replace license. The companies cannot conduct their activities without being the member of such union. Right now such activities are: constructors, Pr, appraisers. So, eventors will be inside that list within 18 months. Our company was registered in a form that allows us to become the first non commercial union.


As far as the market does not have such services as eventors’ certification (international and the local are not valuable and is given for money-does not comply to international real standards) and all the professional eventors need that and talk about that on the professional meetings

International connections

BU Event Liga is the member of Internatiuonal Special Events Society (www.ises.com)/ WE have connections with the event agencies all over the world to simplify the collaboration amoth Russian eventors and foreign collegues that are interested in having partnership with Russian market.


The members of EVENT LIGA are aknowleged professionals that have confirmed their professionalism and have significant experience in the event sphere. We devide the eventors into several parts like-eventors that organize the events, technical specialists, managers and producers etc. Each group has its own criterias oа certifications and standards that they have to comply.

Professional event companies are interested in having advantages at amateurs and non professional companies. We have the opportunity to give them such advantage and will provide with the world event practices that will help them in everyday work.